Adopt a Sample 2017

C4R is planning another year of Bacteria sampling along our recreational river segments. We need support to cover lab analysis costs – Adopt a Sample – is your way to help.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe hope to sample at 10-12 sites, each 7 times over the summer, along our 4 Rivers.  There are also transportation and supply costs to cover. A donation of $30 covers one sample analysis. $200 covers a pre-determined site for the season.

Results will be posted about 24 hours after the sampling on a partner web site titled “Is It Clean.” We are having samples analyzed at the Connecticut River Watershed Council lab.

See our program flyer here. C4RWC adopt a sample 2017

Can you help us?



The Four Rivers

130919Telander-Belt3C04D38_t670Ware: Starting on the west slope of Mt Wachusett, the Ware flows southwest towards Three Rivers in Palmer.

Quaboag: Flowing from tributaries near the western side of Spencer, the Quaboag flows westerly towards Three Rivers.

Swift: The headwaters of the Swift form Quabbin Reservoir. The Swift then flows freely from Windsor Dam meeting the Ware River at Three Rivers.

Chicopee: Formed by the meeting of the first three rivers, the Chicopee then flows west for 17 miles before meeting the Connecticut River.

This four river system forms the heart of central Massachusetts.

To see a full list of towns in the watershed go to our “About” page.