Quaboag Blue Trail advances

C4R continues its work to advance the layout and Cover central titlecreation of our first Blue Trail – The Quaboag

Take a look at our draft map, go through it, give it a test drive, let us know what you think! We have applied for a grant through DCR, which hopefully will help us finish and refine this trail with signage, kiosks, and map/guides. Your input can help too!


C4R = Care 4 Rivers





Quaboag Blue Trail opening paddle June 10 – was grrrreat!


It was a great day and a great paddle! Those who ventured out on this Blue Trail were not disappointed, we had great weather, saw a lot of wildlife and had good fellowship. Draft copies of the “in the works” Blue Trail map were shared for use and feedback. We got a look at the renovations at Lucy Stone Park too, looking good….   Look for our next paddle soon!

email: chicopeewatershed@gmail.com

Blue Trail logo

C4R = Care 4 Rivers


A relaxed ending for a great day on the river! Thanks Warren Con Comm & CERT!



C4R 2017 sampling begins!

images-3C4R has begun our 3rd season of bacteria sampling on our local rivers. We will be sampling on all 4 rivers at places where people may venture on these waters. Results will be posted on line. We started June 15. images-2


C4R could still use a volunteer in Palmer to grab samples on Thursday mornings around 8 AM through the summer. Interested?

contact us

Results will be posted on: http://connecticutriver.us/site/content/sites-list   C4R sites are those below the Quabbin Reservoir.

Also, C4R welcomes financial support for these efforts. See the Join Us page for how to help.

C4R = Care 4 Rivers 

C4R Sites, active in Blue.Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 4.05.37 PM

C4R – Adopt a Stream

UnknownWant to monitor the health of your neighborhood stream? Contribute to citizen science? Adopt a Stream!

Our local rivers and streams play an important role in not only the ecosystem, but also our quality of life. Clean water and a natural river system keeps us healthy, offers us fun recreational opportunities (boating, fishing, swimming), and makes our communities safe by handling storms naturally.

Adopt a Stream is a program that invites people to monitor the health of their local stream. Adopters can:

  • Monitor stream flow/level
  • Monitor stream water temperatures
  • Monitor water pH
  • Observe weekly conditions to notice anything unusual
  • Lead a local clean up day

C4R will help you get started and provide support to help volunteers monitor their local adopted stream. C4R, for an offering of $20 to cover supplies, will provide an Adopter with a rugged stream thermometer, a pH test kit for 50 samples, a volunteer guide booklet, data sheets, and tips on caring for your stream. C4R would ask that all seasonal data be submitted to C4R for review and analysis.

Our goal is to recruit Adopters through the spring and launch this program by the middle of May. So if you wish to participate, please SIGN UP!

See our web site under “About 4Rivers” and go to streams list to see your local stream. THANK YOU.

C4R-Adopt a Stream 2017  Flyer

C4R – Care 4 Rivers

Contact us! chicopeewatershed@gmail.com  or send a note

C4R Blue Trails 2017

quaboag-bt-cover In 2017 we plan to advance our first two Blue Trails:  chicopee-bt-cover

Upper Quaboag Blue Trail covering The Brookfields and Warren.

Upper Chicopee Blue Trail covering Wilbraham, Ludlow, and Indian Orchard.

We are planning infrastructure work to post signage for all access areas as well as information kiosks at key locations. Our DRAFT Map/Guides will be under-going revisions in union with community input. Besides seeking grant funding, C4R also welcomes individual donations to help make these trails a reality. Stay tuned! Wanna help – drop C4R a line! Thanks.

Please review our DRAFT Quaboag Trail map – send in comments…

Chicopee- Quaboag-map-brochure-8-18

C4R – Care 4 Rivers


On to 2017 – we need your support!

On a Blue Trail

As we move into 2017, C4R intends to continue and even grow our reach to serve the stewardship needs of our local rivers. In 2017 we plan to:

  • Monitor Bacteria at key recreation sites (see monitoring)
  • Introduce additional monitoring parameters (Adopt a Stream)
  • perform river clean ups
  • host fun paddles
  • launch the Upper Quaboag Blue Trail
  • establish new river access points
  • begin work on 2-3 new Blue Trails
  • Welcome more C4R supporters!

To accomplish this, we need financial support, donations. We have established a non-profit relationship with the Conn River Watershed Council, who will administer funds to support our efforts. Donations made to CRWC and noted for C4RWC will help our work to connect people to our 4 local rivers: Ware, Quaboag, Swift, Chicopee.

Send to:

C4RWC    PO Box 126     Three Rivers, MA 01080

Thank you!

4Rivers SUMMIT, Saturday Nov 12, C4R getting things done!

DSCN0008From source to sea, C4R is the voice for the 4Rivers of the Chicopee River Watershed. Those who joined C4R on Saturday  11/12 heard a lot of what’s up with C4R, the progress being made in forming our voice. It was also a gathering of folks who enjoy our 4 Local rivers: Ware, Swift, Quaboag, Chicopee.

The 2016 Summit’s theme was “C4R: a Vital Link for Healthy Rivers & Communities” The guest speaker from MA DEP  shared insights on the important role watershed groups play in protecting water quality and enhancing river access. C4R did get a number of great ideas from our speaker!Unknown

Our 2016 accomplishments:

  1. Advanced Quaboag Blue Trail layout, refined trail map
  2. Monitored 13 river sites for bacteria to inform recreational health of the river
  3. Received broader community support on projects
  4. held 3 paddling events, 2 major clean ups
  5. continued to organize our governing body with bylaws and planning fund raising

We are next embarking on 2017 plans and welcome more community support.

C4R = Care 4 Rivers = Chicopee 4Rivers Watershed Council

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