Our Rivers-Our Vision-2017 Summit 11/12


 So which is your local river? The Swift, Ware, Quaboag, or Chicopee? C4R invites you to come to our annual summit gathering to discover the gems our local rivers are and what we can do to care for and enjoy them. The Chicopee 4Rivers Watershed Council has been building up steam as a voice for our local rivers, but we need more local folks to get involved and help. The Summit will tell you how.

Andy Fisk from the CRC, Connecticut River Conservancy, will be a guest speaker and share on CRC’s recent revisioning efforts and how local partners are important in river stewardship. Kristen Sykes from AMC will talk about how paddling trails are a great way for people to know a river. The C4R team will share on our 2017 efforts and lay out a vision for moving into 2018 and beyond. Many great opportunities lay before us, C4R needs more local folks to keep moving ahead, come join us November 12. Oh, and bring a friend too!

The C4R Summit: Sunday November 12 @ 1 PM, Palmer Historical Cultural Center, 2072 Main St, Three Rivers, MA.


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