C4R & Valley Gives – May 2 – Support your local Rivers!

4 Rivers = Swift + Ware + Quaboag = Chicopee River

VG dayC4R, Chicopee 4Rivers Watershed Council, will be one of the charitable organizations that you can support on this special day of giving: May 2…. Valley-Gives.org  

Your Contribution will Support:  

  • BLUE TRAIL Programs: water trails, guide/maps, river access
  • Water Quality Monitoring Programs: sampling, citizen science, river health
  • Help us establish educational programming.

If we can raise over $2500, we can maintain our monitoring and trail projects, then launch a watershed education program! Help us to share awareness of our rivers values to our health and community vitality.

On-line donations are tax deductible. look for C4R under “Environmental” or “Science”            You can “EARLY DONATE” after April 25!

The more support C4R receives – may help earn additional gift prizes!

C4R = Care 4 Rivers, will you too?

Share this with your friends…Spread the word!


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